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About Us

Creative Partner is one of the leading full-service digital agencies, serving small to medium businesses. Blow the competition away by working with us.

Our Company

Creative Partner is a full-service digital marketing agency that serves small businesses in Lansing, MI. Our company is passionate about the success of your small business, so we equip ourselves with the right knowledge and experience. We optimize your online presence with a comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions:

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There are many ways for businesses to succeed. One of these is by establishing a strong online presence and connecting with a larger audience. This is precisely what our team does — we conduct research on the best online solutions and we implement a comprehensive strategy that caters directly to your business goals.

Online Reputation Management

Web Design and Development

Search Engine Optimization

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Our digital marketers get to know your brand, immerse themselves in your industry, and conduct research on your target market.

As a result, we attract, convert, and retain your customers.

Get infinite solutions from just one partner. Work with us, today.


Our purpose is to deliver you results on your digital marketing needs.

Our clients have one thing in common — they want to succeed. But, that’s usually where the similarities end. We respect your brand identity and acknowledge your unique business goals. For this reason, we customize our tried-and-true methodology based on what you need the most. We create a plan that suits your business and appeals to your target market.

Custom Online Strategies
Seasoned Digital Marketers

When you come to us for online solutions, you can rest assured that we will do what’s best for your business. We have a team of web designers, web developers, content creators, and social media specialists who answer to the call of your audience. Our strategic thinkers and innovative technologists strategize, develop, manage, and optimize — and we do all that effectively and efficiently.

Passion for Digital Marketing

We are passionate about digital marketing because we are passionate about consistently positive results. And our passion runs deep and it just burns brighter the longer we are in the industry. Our team combines creative suggestions with analytics to come up with a balanced equation for digital marketing success. Let’s accomplish your business goals together.

Results-Driven Solutions

Our team goes beyond generic digital marketing solutions. When we strategize, we look at the sustainability of our decisions. As such, we don’t stop until we are sure that our online solutions drive measurable results. Search engines, social media, and mobile technology are evolving every day and our strategies evolve alongside them for optimal results.

Why Work with Us?

At Creative Partner, you’ll find a level of expertise that blows the competition away.


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